Sharon Liu Animation is an independent animation studio based in London, UK.
We collaborate with an international team of experienced animation specialists in creating short-form animated content in the areas of advertising, music, fashion and film.

Sharon Liu is a director with extensive experience directing and designing animation, from music videos and commercials to sequences for feature films. She specialises in handcrafted techniques that include traditionally and digitally hand-drawn, oil paint, watercolour, charcoal and mixed media animation.

Sharon is known for her unique colour palettes and elegant, hand-crafted artwork, which combined with her specialist knowledge has won her commissions from leading brands and charities. She has earned awards at festivals around the world, including Annecy, Pictoplasma, Hiroshima,  LIAF and Cannes Lions.

Sharon’s work is delicate yet bold, whilst her organic techniques always trigger an emotional connection to each one of her intricately crafted pieces.

She has recently been shortlisted for the 2021 ADC Annual Awards for her work on Nina Simone’s Color is a Beautiful Thing.


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